“Untitled (solitude case)” arose from a desperate need for solitude. Due to the studio situation in risd‘s digital + media program, where each student has a desk in an open studio, the project was the artists solution to satisfy his need for personal private work space - solitude.

"In another sense, the piece repesents an attempt to replace my visual perception aparatus. Based on very conflicting understandings of my recent practice (a dissatisfaction with my own work versus an enthusiasim by others) the project was enhanced to allow me to review my work from a different perspective. While substituting my body to encapsulate my cognition, the solitude case is equipped with a surveillance camera (Pupil) on top of the box and a TV (Fovea) inside. The goal is to gain an altered apprehension.", Kai Franz

dimensions: 27“ x 40“ x 82“ (optimized for the artists body)