"Helmet 1" is an analog interactive sculpture. The work represents both a completion of "Untitled (sonic cellular automata)", 2009 and a piece on its own. While the project is intend to critically reflect ones expectation of art as well as technology, the work must been seen as a critique of our contemporary believe in science and innovation. The aesthetic of the project conflates futuristic technology devices from mid 20th century (i.e. submarine helmets, satellites, etc.) as well as medieval torture apparatuses. The sculpture invites the spectator to engage with the piece and stick his head inside into an opening on the bottom. Desperately searching for interaction, the viewer's expectations result in questions around (1) the failure of the piece, (2) the malfunction of the technology and ultimately (3) the question of his/her own failure. Thus the experiential engagement will inform the perception of other pieces. Revisiting "Untitled ( sonic cellular automata )" after the engagement with "Helmet 1" will then become a completely different experience.

dimensions: 36" (sphere diameter)