The solo exhibition Serial Nature presents a series of sculptures and drawigns by German-born artist Kai Franz, who lives and works in the United States.

All of the low-relief sculprures on view in this exhibition were prodced by a CNC-machine: Dual-Axis Precision Deposition System (Plopper) is a hijacked large-format printer (plotter), which now functions as a kind of low-res 3D printer.

The virtual 3D models and CAD drawings, that the works in this exhibition are based on, were partly found and appropriated online, others Franz developed himself. The virtual ready-made models originate from 123DCatch, an app that generates digital geometry algorithmically using photos of real objects. As 3D models are the blurred result from images of real-life objects. Found in an open database online, they were anonymously authored. Most of them capture and digitise mundane or banal objects. Meanwhile, the CAD drawings were directly developed as »food« for the machine. Reproduced as »Plopps«, in both cases, the sculptures are aesthetic experiments that combine algorithmic demarcation with the will of matter.


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