Dual-Axis Precision Deposition System (Plopper)

A Plopper was built.

Ploppers are machines that were once plotters.
Plotters are large format printers.
Ploppers take on a different existence.
Ploppers interfere with the real.
Ploppers advocate for the will of matter.
Ploppers do not confirm representation in their production.
Ploppers conform to the 1:1 by producing objects that stand on their own.

Plopps have a mind of their own.
Plopps like to listen a bit.
Plopps like to speak.

Plopps speak the language of a manifesto.
A Plopp is like a miniature manifesto.
Plopps are mini manifestos.

Plopps are indexical.
Indexicality is like a testimony.
Ploppers produce the ground for testimonies.
But Plopps do not testify.
And Ploppers love to control.
But Ploppers hate to determine.

Ploppers are like mothers to Plopps.
Mothers who abandon their children.
Plopps hate their mothers.
Material properties and scale are like fathers to a Plopp.
Plopps love their fathers.

Childhood for a Plopp has intricate parental workings.
Parental workings for Plopps are all there is.