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Splash Splash No.1 - 6, 2012, sculpture series
Materials: Polyurethane, Pigments
Dimensions: each 26" x 27" x 3.5"


The Splash Splash series is an approach to separate the sculptural elements of paint (namely texture) from the pictorial elements of paint (the color). To break these commonly intrinsically unite properties of painting into separated ones, I wrote a program (SplashIM) that generates paint splashes in a 3D modeling environment. SplashIM allows me to paint on my computer. I fabricated these paint splashes with CNC technology to build a mold of the splash forms. The mold is finally poured with different colors in polyurethane and plaster. In the end, the casted splashes misalign with the original splashes. The Splash Splash series thus divorces the texture from color in paint while maintaining the union of these properties. Similarly to the Guggenheim New York pieces, the Splash Splash works simultaneously exist in two different scales. While the form of the computer splashes exist on a 10:1 scale, the end products maintain marks and splashes of a 1:1 scale from the actual pouring. Splash Splash thus converge paint in a 10:1 : 1:1 scale.

dimensions: each 26" x 27" x 3.5"