Another History of One Organism (25 x 33) depicts the same system and algorithm as History of One Organism (25 x 33) from 2011. The two works reassmble not only the same cellular structure and behaviour, but actully the exact specificities of the same organism. As abstract systems the two works are completely identical.

Yet, in close observation, the two pieces are by no means identical. They appear more like twins. Twins that grew up In different parts of the world. One raised in Germany, fed thick German paint. The Other, upraised in the Southern New England, Nursed and Nurtured by thin American paint.   Whether these twins are identical or fraternal, might be hard to judge. However, we can clearly see their common traits and how their lives created different scars, while each of them developed their own personality.

dimensions: 40" x 52" x 8.75"